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This is what happens when a lover of conversation and writing suddenly falls in love with fitness. Come check it out!

Manufactured Resistance

In an interview today with Rick Reale, author of Tires Optional (a nostalgic car-enthusiast’s novel about growing up and getting into trouble in a simpler time) I asked him about dealing with rejection. Rick had chosen to self-publish his book … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Wordaholic

Last week my brother dropped the word ingenue┬áinto conversation, and while I had a good enough grasp of its definition to confidently agree with his assessment of a person as having that quality, I suddenly became aware that I couldn’t … Continue reading

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2000 Views and a Lesson in Review

Gosh–I’ve been so busy with WriterViews and preparation for grad school that I almost let 2000 views go by unnoticed! Two thousand isn’t the greatest landmark in blogging, but I didn’t expect that many so quickly. It seems only yesterday … Continue reading

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Just Write?

It’s popping up on WordPress blogs, in books I’m reading, and in three of my six interviews so far this week: Just write. Since it’s such widely-shared advice (three authors I’ve interviewed this week alone have said it), it must … Continue reading

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Writing for the Pay and the Passion

Yesterday’s theme was boundaries. Today’s is balance. Two of this week’s interviewees yesterday shared some advice about writing to pay the bills vs. writing to feed your passion. How many times have you heard someone (or yourself) say, “Oh, well … Continue reading

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Time to Set up Some Ground Rules

Boundaries seem to be the theme of this week’s work-at-home writing adventures. It seems a little counterintuitive that to work from home, I need to set limits on my time and activities. Maybe it was just the lack of sunshine … Continue reading

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And We’re Back…

Remember that post I made about never travelling without your laptop? I feel compelled to admit that on certain occasions I fail to take my own advice. On this particular occasion (last weekend), my laptop wouldn’t fit into my luggage … Continue reading

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